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Medellin, Colombian Vaccination Plan for 2021

The goal of vaccinating at least 36 million people against covid-19 will be one of the priorities of the National Government in 2021. A task that, due to its logistics and urgency, is not easy.

To advance the process, the Ministry of Health announced that in the coming weeks – without setting specific dates, but that, taking into account the ministry’s own schedule, it would be at the end of January or the beginning of February – the application ‘Mi Vaccine’.

This will function as a consolidated database with the information provided by the EPS and IPS with the information on the diagnoses and the age (one of the criteria for the phases) of the patients.

Decree ready for emergency use of covid vaccine

Through this, people will be able to consult directly what day they have to apply the vaccine and, taking into account that several of those acquired require two doses, when will the second be.

In addition, the application will allow patients with diagnoses of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer, among others, to register if they are not in the lists.

As of the date of this publication, Colombia has 49 million doses of different vaccines, for a total of 29 million people who can be vaccinated throughout 2021. 10 million are from AstraZeneca, another 10 million from Pfizer, 20 million They will be guaranteed by the Covax agreement – to which the country signed in October 2020 – and 9 million from the pharmaceutical company Janssen, a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary.

Vaccination in Medellín

The Mayor’s Office of Medellín has said that it plans to start supplying the first 86,526 doses of the coronavirus vaccine in February, to the prioritized population, such as health workers (13,551 people) and adults over 80 years of age (72,975) .

“We are working in an articulated manner to achieve a successful process of scheduling and applying the vaccine. We will have 94 vaccination points in the city. It should be remembered that thanks to Medellín Me Cuida and the National Government databases, the location of the prioritized population is known, ”said the Secretary of Government, Esteban Restrepo.

The second stage will be for the population aged 60 and 79 and for health workers in the second and third line (384,370). Then they will be followed by citizens aged 16 to 59 with comorbidities and teachers of basic and secondary education. The fourth will be for institutional caregivers and the population in occupations and risk situations. Vaccination will end with people between the ages of 16 and 59 without comorbidities.

To maintain the refrigeration chain for vaccines, Medellín acquired seven freezers, which will also serve the rest of the department.

First vaccines
Colombian Visa Health Insurance Requirements

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