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Exceptions for Medellin Quarantine Law Starting July 17, 2020

Exceptions for New Medellin Quarantine Law Starting July 17, 2020

Location: Medellín

Event: COVID-19 Quarantine Update
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I just wanted to get you an update on the new quarantine rules effecting Medellin, Colombia. If you don’t live in Medellin, and you want more information regarding your city just reach out to us, we are glad to help.

What is different with the new quarantine, is that this is a much stricter lock down. From Friday morning, July 17th, 2020 residents of the Medellin area, (including the whole valley), may not go to the grocery store, pharmacy, or do exercise outside. This will last until 12:01 AM Tuesday morning.

After this weekend which is a holiday weekend Medellin will move into 4 days of being open and 3 days of being shutdown with no cedula days for shopping every weekend!

The home delivery services will be running and you are still allowed to take dogs for a walk.

Apparently, people were not taking the previous rules seriously, and we had large groups of people in downtown not social distancing, as well as many large parties going on throughout the city. In the lower level neighborhoods people were not wearing masks either so government issued complete lock down.

This will continue indefinitely to control the current spike we are seeing in Medellin. The intensive care units are expected to max out in a couple weeks according to the mayor of medellin and the governor of Antioquia.After receiving the endorsement of the Ministry of the Interior, the Antioquia Government published this Wednesday the decree that regulates the quarantine for life that will rule this weekend in the 10 municipalities of the Aburrá Valley, where almost 80 are concentrated % of covid-19 cases in the department.

The quarantine, which according to the governor (e) Luis Fernando Suárez, will be stricter and similar to that experienced in the first months of the pandemic, will begin to apply at zero hours (00:00 am) on Friday, July 17, 2020. and will go until zero hours (00:00 am) on Tuesday, July 21, 2020.

This means that the measure will be in force all Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday in the municipalities of Medellín, Caldas, La Estrella, Sabaneta, Envigado, ltagüí, Bello, Copacabana, Girardota and Barbosa.

During this time, one person per family will be allowed to walk the pets, and it will be essential for anyone who goes out to carry biosafety elements, such as a mask.

People require the documentation that certifies and accredits their employment relationship or the fortuitous situation that caused them to leave their home, to present the authorities they require.

Download the law in Spanish by clicking here: July 17th 2020 Emergency Covid-19 Quarantine Law for Medellin, Colombia

The items below are a google translation of the article published on (click here for Spanish Version of the exemptions to quarantine)

Check out pictures of downtown Medellin during the beginning of the new stay at home order, click here.

According to the decree, people who qualify within any of the following categories are exempted from the quarantine:


Assistance and provision of health services.


Assistance and care for children, adolescents, people over 70 years of age, people with disabilities and patients with special treatments that require assistance from trained personnel.


Due to force majeure or fortuitous event.


Laboratories of the medical missions of the Pan American Health Organization PAHO and of all international humanitarian and health organizations, the provision of public and private professional, administrative, operational, and technical health services.


The production, supply, storage, transport, storage and distribution chain of medicines, pharmaceuticals, supplies, cleaning products, disinfection and personal hygiene for homes and hospitals, equipment and devices of health technologies, as well as maintenance and support for the continuous provision of health services.


Activities related to emergency services, including veterinary emergencies.


Funeral services, burials and cremations.


The chain of production, supply, storage, transportation, loading and distribution of: (i) inputs to produce basic necessities; (ii) basic necessities -food, beverages, medicines, medical devices, hygiene, cleaning, and goods for ordinary consumption in the population-, (iii) laboratory reagents, and (iv) food and medicine for pets, and others elements and goods necessary to attend the health emergency, as well as the supply chain related to the production of these goods.

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The chain of sowing, fumigation, harvesting, production, packaging, packaging, import, export, transport, storage, distribution and packaging of seeds, inputs and agricultural, fish, livestock and agrochemical products -fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides- ; and animal feed, maintenance of animal health, the operation of primary and secondary food processing centers, the operation of processing infrastructure, major and minor irrigation for population and agricultural water supply, and technical assistance. Check the logistics and transportation of the above activities.


The distribution of essential products in markets, stores, warehouses, wholesale and retail supermarkets, retail markets and in establishments and commercial premises are carried out through electronic commerce platforms and / or for home delivery.


The activities of the public servants and contractors of the State that are strictly necessary to prevent, mitigate and attend to the health emergency caused by the coronavirus (covid-19), and protect the operation of the essential services of the State.


The activities of the staff of diplomatic and consular missions.


The activities of the Military Forces, the National Police and State security agencies, as well as the military and defense industry.


The intervention of civil, public and construction works, which, due to the state of progress of the work, present risks of technical stability, threat of collapse or require structural strengthening actions or limitations that due to their characteristics are of strategic interest to the Nation.


The construction of health infrastructure strictly necessary to prevent, mitigate, and attend to the health emergency caused by the coronavirus (covid-19).


 The air and airport operation of cargo transportation, in humanitarian emergency

Cuarentena por la vida en el valle de Aburra

It should be noted that the people who leave home under these exceptions should carry documentation such as proof of doctors appointments, letter of employment, business license and when necessary be registered with Medellin me Cuida. If you need help registering personally or as a company please notify us at

Air Pollution During Quarantine in Medellin

Click here to see an updated version of the Purple Air Sensors. These sensors are on a private network apart from city sensors but they will give you live up to the date numbers. Government sensors are delayed. Click here to see air sensors live.


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