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K-1 Visa Intervew Experience

US Embassy in Bogota

The final step in applying for a K-1 Visa is for your fiancé(e) to visit the US embassy in her country of residence (or a neighboring country if there is no US embassy in her country, or if that embassy does not process visas) and sit for her visa interview. By this point, it’s been several months since you and your loved one began the process when you filed your Petition for Alien Fiancé(e) with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. The end is near, but you can’t relax yet!

After the case is sent from the National Visa Center to the US embassy in your fiancé(e)’s country, the embassy will contact your fiancé(e) with instructions for how to proceed with the medical exam and to schedule an appointment for the K-1 Visa interview.

The Final Step: The K-1 Visa Interview

This interview is conducted to determine whether you and your fiancé(e) are actually in love and want to get married for the sake of your relationship and, possibly, a family, or if you are getting married simply so your fiancé(e) can get a green card. The latter would be immigration fraud, and the interview provides the final proof that your relationship is the real deal.
With the legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States in 2015, gay immigration rights are identical to heterosexual immigration rights, including in the cases of fiancé(e) or spousal visas.

What to Expect at the K-1 Visa Interview

The K-1 Visa interview probably won’t last more than half an hour. You as the US citizen fiancé(e) are not required to attend this interview, but some countries allow you to do so.

Your foreign fiancé(e) will be asked a variety of questions to help the officer determine whether or not your relationship is genuine. If it is, you really have nothing to worry about. Still, there are a few things your fiancé(e) can do to prepare for the interview and feel confident before, during, and after. K1 Fiancee Visa Tips from Colombia 

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Steps to a Worry-Free K-1 Visa Interview Experience



1. Know Where to Go

Plan ahead about how he will get to the embassy so that he can arrive on time without feeling rushed and stressed.


2. Have All Documents Ready

When we help you through the K-1 Visa application process, we’ll be breaking down exactly what forms and supporting documents you’ll need. You and your fiancé(e) can breathe a sigh of relief as she goes to the embassy, knowing she has everything they’ll need to see.


3. Treat It Like a Job Interview

What would you do if you wanted to get hired? You’d dress well and treat the interviewer with respect and courtesy. This is no different. Your fiancé(e) should take care to answer the questions thoroughly but not excessively–there’s no need to ramble or offer extra information. If the interviewer wants to know about something he will ask.


4. Anticipate the Interview Questions

Your fiancé(e) will be asked a handful of questions about you and your relationship. If you know each other well, there shouldn’t be anything in there that would throw him off. It pays to have a few discussions prior to the interview to make sure he remembers certain dates, names, and places.


The interviewer might ask questions like these:

• How long have you known your fiancé(e)?
• Where did you meet?
• Has your fiancé(e) ever been married before?
• What are your wedding or honeymoon plans?
• What is your fiancé(e)’s dad’s name?
• What does your fiancé(e) like to do?
• Why did you decide to live in the US instead of here?
• What is the address where you will be living?
• Has your family met your fiancé(e)?
• Have you ever been the United States?

Your fiancé(e) should also know exactly what is on all the forms and supporting documents. If the interviewer asks about something that is written on one of the forms, the answer your fiancé(e) gives should be consistent with what is on the form.


5. Stay Calm

It’s a nerve-racking process, but if your fiancé(e) is especially anxious it might make the interviewer suspicious. This is the last step in a long process. You’ve made it this far. Your relationship is solid and you’re looking forward to marrying the love of your life. Relax and clear this final hurdle!

Why Use Our Visa Agency For Getting K1/K3 Visa Fiance?

Since 2005, our visa agency Visas by James has obtained hundreds of visas for foreigners who wish to get married and live in Colombia.

We charge just 300 USD for our very popular marriage legal services package! This includes helping you with the certification of a common law marriage, or a normal civil marriage plus the Colombian marriage visa. We will also substitute the Colombian visa application with the American Tourist or Canadian Tourist visa for Spouses of Citizens of these countries.

This problem can be solved by hiring us before you arrive in Colombia so we take the time necessary to guide you through the document legalization and collection process. We will then be able to verify and review documents as you get them. There is no additional fee for guiding you through the document collection process if you choose our marriage visa package.

Translations, Apostilles & Legalizations:

apostille services

Our company can help out with translations, apostilles, and legalizations. This services are additional and not included in our legal services. Quotes can be provided for these services as needed. Documents are not accepted without being properly legalized.

What’s included with our visa services:

 We prepare your complete immigration package, documents, online application, and finally your cedula application *foreign resident id card.  Most foreigners choose common law unless for religious reasons a religious marriage is required.

The common law, or civil union is much faster and normally requires less documentation from overseas.  However, if you are already married overseas, then we can assist with the legalization of foreign marriages in Colombia.

Please see these webpages for more information:

Colombian foreign ID card for Colombian visa package: (cedula) will be issued in approx. 2 weeks after your visa is approved and you register your visa with the local immigration authorities. We assist in this process with no additional charge.

Our fees we accept via, chase bank, Bancolombia, or in the office in cash. Government fees must be paid in Colombian pesos. To begin the process we require 50% payment for services. The remaining balance must be paid when the visa arrives in your hands. If you are ready to get started we will prepare an official quote and contract for services.

I would like to hear your feedback regarding our services. Please let me know when we can talk. We have USA and Colombian numbers. 

Our office ours are from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday, and 9:00 am to 12:30 pm Saturday. Our main office is located in Medellin, Colombia near Parque Lleras in El Poblado. We have representation in Bogota, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale. Our main office address is   Cra 39#5A-95, Oficina 709, Edificio Avangarde. We accept walk in appointments but its always nice if you can let us know ahead of time so we can schedule a time.

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