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How to Get a Colombian Resident Visa

The Colombia resident visa is intended for foreigners who want to live in Colombia on permanent basis. In other words, if you want to live in Colombia full time and make Colombia your permanent residence, then you should apply for Colombia resident visa when you qualify.

The Colombia resident visa has been the most popular visa among expatriates looking to live, work, study, conduct a business, or simply retire in Colombia. Previously, the Colombia resident visa was known as RE visa. This visa used to be valid for only one year and had to be renewed with original documents each year.

The Colombia resident visa is now valid for five years rather than three years, hence requiring fewer renewals. Furthermore, you can easily renew this visa after 5 years or apply for Colombian citizenship.

The Colombia resident visa allows multiple re-entries into Colombia. Please note that even though Colombia residency visa is permanent you must REFRESH it every 5 years proving your still in the country at least 1 day each two years by providing an immigraiton report. The visa will lose its validity if you stay out of Colombia for more than two years consecutively.

As of October 2022, new resolution 5477 pertaining to visa rules and applications is going to apply when applying for resident visa or any other type of visa. According to this new resolution, a resident visa is no longer granted if a foreigner makes a direct investment of 650 times the minimum salary in Colombia.

Furthermore, parents are no longer allowed to apply for beneficiary resident visa. Finally, children of primary visa holders automatically lose their beneficiary visa once they turn 25. The current government cost of resident (R) visa is $443, however the visa 5 year update is 52 dollars.

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Permanent Residency Visa Update Process: The visa is “permanent” but must be updated on time or you may have to requalify for your residency vsia again. Each 5 years you must submit a visa transfer application to pass your visa information to a new 5 year visa stamp, and get a new cedula de extranjeria issued. Under the new resolution which went into effect October 2022, old permanent visa holders have a 2 year grace period to update their visa under new regulations. However, Currently there is  confusion at the ministry visa office regarding holders of permanent visas prior to the new visa going into effect. Migracion is still issuing new cedula de extranjeria for previous Permanent Visa Residency holders. You can get the cedula renewed by only showing your old visa and a current valid passport. You should also take your old cedula if you have it. Temporarily you can obtain the cedula and this is proof you are in the country legally.  This process currently is not running smothly for those in the process who have passed the renewal date but we expect these issues to be worked out eventually.

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What Are the Categories of Colombian Resident Visa?

The Colombia resident visa is divided into a total of four categories. The four categories are the following.

  1. Renunciation of nationality: A former Colombian citizen who was living in other countries where he or she was required to renounce their Colombian citizenship when becoming citizens of his or her newly adopted countries.
  2. Temporary protection statue of Venezuelan migrants
  3. Peace process resident
  4. Accumulated Migrant Visa time in Colombia with on of  the following migrant visa categories:


Any foreigner who has held marriage visa of migrant (M) visa category for uninterrupted period of 3 years can apply for Colombia resident visa.



A parent be it a father or a mother of a Colombian child by birth or by adoption can also apply for resident visa after having a migrant visa for 2 years.



Any foreigner who has held migrant M visa for Mercosur and Andino regions for 2 years can apply for resident visa.

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Stateless Person

Any foreigner who has held migrant (M) visa for a stateless person for an uninterrupted period of 3 years can apply for a resident visa.


Domestic Partnership

Any foreigner who has held domestic partnership or civil union migrant visa of type (M) category for a period of 5 years can apply for resident visa.



Any foreigner who was granted a migrant visa of type (M) category even though he or she entered Colombia as a refugee and has held that visa for 5 years can apply for resident visa.



A foreigner who has held migrant work visa for 5 years can apply for residency visa.



Any foreigner who has held migrant business visa of category (M) for a period of 5 years can apply for residency visa.



Any foreigner who has hold migrant visa as a freelancer for a period of 5 years or more can apply for a resident visa.



Any foreign individual who has held retirement visa of migrant (M) category for 5 years is eligible to apply for residency visa.


Promotion of Internationalization

Any foreigner who has held promotion of internationalization visa of migrant (M) category for a period of 5 years can apply for residency visa.



A foreigner who invested 350 times or more the minimum monthly wage in Colombia and has held investment visa of migrant (M) category for 5 years can apply for resident visa.


What Documents Are Required For Colombia Resident Visa?

  • Passport Photocopy: A photocopy of the first page of your valid passport showing your biographical data. The photocopy can be either in color or black and white.
  • Proof of Legal Entry: A photocopy of the page of your passport showing last stamp of entry or departure of Colombia.
  • Photocopy of Previously Issued Visa: If you’ve had a previous Colombian visa such as a retirement visa, then a photocopy of this visa. Photocopies of previously issued TP or M visas are needed if you are applying on the basis of length of time holding of these visas.
  • Passport photo: Passport style face photo with a white background, sized at 3 cm width X 4 cm height, maximum size of 300 kb jpg file for online application.

Specific Document Requirements: Here is a list of specific documents that you may need depending on the original reason of your valid migrant visa.

  • Proof of Income: You must provide a proof of your source of income.
  • Accreditation of Occupation: A document proving that your occupation is accredited.
  • Migratory Movement Certificate: This certificate is issued by Colombia Migration and is dated within three months of the visa application
  • Notarized Letter by Spouse: If you are applying for the R visa on the basis of marriage to a Colombian citizen after three years with a TP-10 visa or two years with the new M-1 visa, then you need a notarized letter signed by the spouse or permanent partner who is a Colombian national requesting the issuance of the R visa for his or her foreign spouse.
  • Copy of Cedula: If applying for R visa on the basis of marriage, then you must submit a copy of your Colombian spouse’s cedula.
  • Copy of Child’s Birth Certificate: If you are receiving the R visa due to being the parent of a Colombian child, either by birth or by adoption, then you must submit a copy of the child’s Colombian birth certifi In addition, a letter must be provided signed by the other parent, stating that the foreigner visa applicant is in full compliance with corresponding food obligations. Or if the child is of legal age, then the letter should be from the child requesting the issuance of the visa along with a copy of the child’s national ID or cedula.
  • Proof of Investment Issued by Department of International Exchange: If you are receiving the R visa due to investment, then you must provide a communication issued by the Department of International Exchange of the Bank of the Republic. This communication from the banks records the direct foreign investment made by you in your name with an amount greater than 350 times than minimum monthly wage in Colombia.
  • Proof of Health Insurance: Proof of health insurance is required. Must have full coverage including hospitalization, illness, accident, disability, death and repatriation.

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Years to Qualify for Residency Visas

Colombian Consulates in The United States

Click the name of the Colombian consulate closest to you to get permission for the next flight. If you have problems communicating with the consulate and you would like help please let us know. We charge a small fee for assisting with documents and forms in Spanish.

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