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New Colombia Vaccine Mandate for Foreign Travelers!

New Colombia Vaccine Mandate for Foreign Travelers!

Colombian Covid 19 Vaccine Mandate for Visitors: 

THIS PAGE IS BEING UPDATED AT THIS MOMENT! A few weeks have passed since these new restrictions have gone into place. Similar to past emergency measures by the Colombian government, we have seen many administrative policy changes once policies are implmentented. Through feedback from many of our friends and clients we have new information. New Colombian Vaccine mandate for Foreign Visitors went into effect the 14th of December, 2021!

WIth the onset of the new variant Omicron, Colombia has implemented a new vaccine requirement for all visitors entering Colombia. Additionally, Colombia is AGAIN requiring PCR-19 tests within 72 hours of your departing flight to Colombia for those who do not have vaccinations.* Residents or Citizens with no proof of vacciation may enter the country with no tests according to airlines on January 3rd, 2022.

In this Colombian Covid-19 Update you will find the following information:

– New Entry Requirements for Colombian Airline Passengers
– Colombian Visa Information
– Where can i get Vaccinated in Colombia?
– What third dosis are being applied in Colombia?

Colombia is now dividing persons entering Colombia into two groups. Residents and Citizens of Colombia are in the first group. Visitors to Colombia are in the second group. If you are in the visitors group your required to be vaccinated for COVID-19.

Group 1: Colombian Citizens or Foreigners with Residency:

Updated January 3, 2022:
Colombian ID Card Holders (Citizens & Foreign Cedulas) do not need to show proof of vaccination to enter the country. If you do not have a vaccination card or digital copy of your vaccination record, then you must show a Covid-19 negative PCR test within 72 hours of your flight. You are not required to have a vaccination if you are in group 1. However, if you have been vaccinated show proof to avoid taking PCR TEST.

1) Who is a Colombian Resident Update! Cedula holders are now considered exempt from vaccines when entering Colombia. A previous bulletin from Migracion Colombia was much more restrictive. *** Now Airlines serving Colombia are asking travelers if they have a cedula to determine residency, according to the general manager of spirit airlines, third of January 2022. Yes, this means that persons with different types of visas are entering the country. Even visitor visas get cedulas de extranjeria!

Thanks to one of our clients got through to the Spirit Airlines GM of Colombia. Today he stated that as long as you have a foreigner’s ID card (cedula de extranjeria), then you may enter as a resident and no vaccine is required! 

2) Persons partially vaccinated who are tourists and do not possess a Colombian ID card (cedula de extranjeria or cedula de ciudadano) must have a NEGATIVE PCR-19 test within 72 hours.

*Please verify requirements with your airline, as many clients are stating airlines are confused at this time. This is very common when new regulations are transmitted to airlines. *Click here for an explanation of types of visas which are considered proof of residency in Colombia.

Group 2: Tourist or Visitor Visa Holders:

Updated January 3, 2022:
Tourist or Visitors if you have a vaccine then you should not have to show a PCR Test, but always verify with your airline before traveling as policies change quickly.

2) Tourist who are completely vaccinated do not need PCR Tests

3) Minors under 18 years of age have no vaccination or Negative PCR test requirements

If your vaccination was less than 14 days before the flight then you will have to a negative PCR Test. Colombian health Ministry is states below in the graphic that a person who has a partial vaccination record may enter with a negative COVID-19 PCR Test.

* This email is current at this time based on government communications from the Colombian Ministry of Health (Ministerio de Salud), Colombia Immigration (Migracion Colombia), and the president of Colombia twitter account, and communications with Spirit AIrlines GM for Colombia.

How do I prove residency in Colombia? you need a “permanent residency visa“. Residency is obtained by having a RE (full residency visa). Visitor and Migrant visas are not considered as proof of residency by Migracion Colombia who controls the airports! The complete list of Colombian visitor, migrant and residency visas is available here: Colombian Visas. ** there is a high probability that policies change in the next few months **

During the international border shut down popular Migrant visas legally qualified as proof to prove residency. M visas during the international resistrictions where allowed to enter on humanitarian flights into Colombia. However, with the vaccine restriction residency can only be proved by obtained full residency or an RE visa.

How do i get a full residency visa? After 2-5 years with a Migrant visa you may obtain a Full Residency Visa! The marriage visa requires only two years to obtain full residency. However the Pension Visa, Property Owner, Business Owner as a share holder, Rentista Visa (Annuity Visa), Workers Visa (not version V), and Student Visa (degree/diploma seeking – not spanish classes) are all examples which qualify by accumulating time. This is referred to in spanish as the “visa de residencia por tiempo acumulado” path to full residency visa application, see complete Colombia Visas List here.

Who is a visitor? Colombian Immigration (migracion Colombia) defined the definition of persons residing in Colombia to include all visa types except for the visitor visa when determining who could enter on Humanitarian Flights into Colombia during 2020. Persons who enter Colombia on visa stamps are also considered visitors with temporary persmission. Persons who have Visitor Student visas, such as those studying Spanish must comply with new vaccine requirements to enter Colombia.

When you travel do not forget to fill out the Colombian Immigration Form: The Check-Mig form is still required for all persons entering Colombia. WIth out this form filled out the airlines will not let you board. Prior to your flight Colombian Immigration (Migracion Colombia) requires that you go to the Migracion Colombia website “CHECK-MIG”, no more than 24 hours before you fly, and no less than one hour before, to register. If this is not done THE AIRLINES WILL NOT LET YOU FLY. Click here to visit the website CHECK-MIG.  Please do this before you get to the airport. The system often has problems and if the website is down the airline will not let you board! We have heard of 100 people getting left behind because the immigration website was down.

Visas by James Visa-Problems

Full Disclosure: New visa holders who have not lived in Colombia could be considered non-residents at time of entry. Interpretations of the rules could vary depending on immigration officials at airport, updates to health department or immigration rules. These rules may change without notice. Follow the news, and always contact your airline before traveling!

Pages to watch for Colombian government Covid-19 policy updates:

Ministerio de Salud de Colombia:

State of Antioquia Health Dept:

Colombian Immigration / Migracion Colombia:

Colombian News References for Traveler Restrictions:

Colombian Ministry of Health
“Requirement for Entering Colombia via Air”

colombia vaccination mandate visitors

Where to find Covid-19 Vaccine Locations in Colombia:

First, if your in Colombia most major malls / centro comerciales have vaccine points set up. Unfortunately in order to find out what vaccines are available you need to stop by and ask in person or search for your malls twitter account. Most vaccine centers have vaccine updates posted the same day or one day ahead of time. First, Second, Third dosis are available but brands vary depending on availability. The official list of vaccination centers on the Colombian Health Ministry site is here: Colombian Covid-19 Vaccination Centers.  

Popular Vaccine centers in El Poblado, Medellin: El Tesoro Centro Comercial, Oviedo Centro Comercial, and Santa Fe Centro Comercial (malls) all have vaccination centers. These sites all update the mall twitter feeds on a daily basis. Just click the names of the malls to go to their twitter accounts, and look for vaccination information. Most sites start up around 730am and continue until dosis are out. 

Common Third Dose Combinations Used in Colombia for Covid-19 Vaccinations:

First dosis with Pfizer, then booster: AstraZeneca, Moderna or Pfizer
First dosis with Moderna, then apply as booster: AstraZeneca, Pfizer, or Moderna
First dosis with Janssen, then apply as a booster: AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna or Janssen
First dosis with Sinovac, then apply as a booster: AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna or Sinovac
First dosis with AstraZeneca, then apply as a booster: Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca
* published by El Colombiano (click here)

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