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In Colombia there are three visa categories. They are V for visitor, M for migrant, and R for resident.

Colombia Visitor Visa (type V)

for the foreigner wishing to visit Colombia once or several times or to stay temporarily in the country without this being permanent. The visitor visa may be as short as 1 week or as long as 3 years. This visa type does not qualify for long term residency as the M visa type does.

v-tourist visa colombiaV – Tourist

(Previously TP 11) visa is for citizens of countries that can not enter with a stamp at the airport.

v-student visa colombiaV – Student

(Visitor or Migrant) Visa category depends on proof of Enrollment by Accredited Institution, & Funds to Pay for Classes.

colombia business visaV – Business

The business visas are designed for workers of foreign companies which are traveling to Colombia to engage in meetings, followup, etc.

V – Event or Convention

This Visa is to someone who is going to partipate about an event like a speaker, artist, athlete, among, each others

V – Work Visitor

(Previously TP 13) – This is a temporary visitors visa for performing technical services in Colombia, 180 days by year.

medical trateatment visaV – Medical Treatment

If you need a medical treatment in Colombia, you can traveling with a friend, and to take this visa.

V – Administrative Procedures

If you want to apply to this visa, you need a certificate issued by the institution that will carry out the procedure.

Colombia Migrant Visa (type M)

For the foreigner who wishes to enter or remain in the national territory with the intention of establishing himself/herself and does not meet the conditions for a type R visa.

M – Pension

(Previously TP7) You have to receive 3 times minimum salary (aprx 800 USD) in monthly bases to qualify for pension visa.

M – Rentista

Migrant (Previously TP7) This visa is great for landlords, trust fund holders, or persons earning fixed monthly income paid from sources outside of Colombia.

M – Business Owner

Migrant (Previously TP7) This visa is great for landlords, trust fund holders, or persons earning fixed monthly income paid from sources outside of Colombia.

M – Refugee

The application for recognition of refugee status is governed by the  Decree 4503 of 2009 and must be presented to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia.

v-student visa colombiaM – Student

To be eligible for a student visa you need to be enrolled in a public or private educational establishment (School, High school or bachellor degree)

M – Mercosur Agreement

Criminal records of country of origin or of the place where person resided during the 3 years prior to the application.

M – Property

(Previously TP7) – Direct foreign investment of at least 241.3 million pesos in real estate. Be careful because each year the value is adjusted for inflation.

M – Marriage

(Previously TP10) Visa – A great visa for married or civil union couples. Full work benefits & up to 3 years

M – Work

(PREVIOUSLY TP4) – To qualify for a work visa you must be sponsored by a Colombian corporation, with more than 69 million pesos average bank balance over 6 months.

M – Religious

Come to Colombia as religious, missionary or religious in formation of a church or religious denomination, duly recognized by the Colombian State.

M – Beneficiary

The Colombia beneficiary visa is intended for foreigners who are dependents and family members of another foreigner who has a type visa. (Re, M or V)

Colombia Resident Visa (RE)

For those aspiring to establish themselves or begin permanent residency in Colombia due to: having renounced Colombian nationality; being the parent of a Colombian national by birth; accumulated time of permanence; foreign direct investment.

RE – Investor

This can be obtained by investing 449 million pesos in property or in a Colombian company.

RE – Qualified

This visa is for holders of varios TP / Migrant visas who reach 3-5 years living in the country, and then QUALIFY for a FULL residency visa.

RE – Parent of Colombian National

Full residency visa, As abiological or foster parent you obtain residency by being the parent of a Colombian.

RE – Beneficiary

Full residency is also provided to beneficiaries of RE principal visa holders. Children up to 25 years old, and spouses qualify.

RE – Returning Colombian

Colombians who renounced their Colombia citizenship for living in another country, but they want to require your citizenship again.

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