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Procedures in Colombia and procedures abroad are very feasible to process for our company, which provides consular services and procedures in international embassies. Our services 1) Authenticate/Certify: Acts, Certificates, and Documents. 2) Translate: Minutes, Certificates and Documents in Colombia, or from abroad. 3) Apostille: Apostille documents (apostille stamp in the country of origin).

Any document that originates from a foreign country and that is going to be presented to a Colombian consulate must have an international authentication annex, more commonly known as an Apostille. 4) Legalize acts/documents/certificates in Colombia: Legalize acts, documents or certificates with embassies and consulates in Colombia. In order not to have problems with your international procedures, it is very important to consult which of the 4 steps you need for international procedures.

Authenticate Documents in Colombia

Certify or Authenticate documents in Colombia with notaries and entities of the Republic of Colombia, before Embassies and Consulates in Colombia. We authenticate documents with all the Notaries of Colombia, we offer our services in more than 850 notaries of Colombia, Visas and International Procedures, now we have all the Notaries in Colombia on our website, approximately 1,000 notaries. If you need an authenticated, legalized, translated and apostilled document, we can offer you a network of couriers to carry out all the procedures you need quickly. We are your trusted company for international procedures from anywhere in Colombia. Click here to see a list of all notaries in Colombia, and free consultation for the documents you need abroad, including consulates and embassies in the world.

Most Requested Documents to Authenticate

Procedures in Colombia: Certificate of Civil Registry of Birth in Bogotá, Medellín, Manizales, Cartagena, among other main cities in Colombia. Marriage Certificate in Bogotá, Medellín, Manizales, Cartagena, among other main cities in Colombia, Divorce certificate or certificate in Medellin in Bogotá, Medellín, Manizales, Cartagena, among other main cities in Colombia, Death Certificate in Bogotá (for embassies, consulates and foreign entities). Authenticate documents in Colombia (click here). U.S. Procedures: New York Civil Birth Certificate, Florida Marriage Certificate, California Certificate or Certificate, Texas Death Certificate, Atlanta, Georgia Marriage Certificate , among other countries.

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