Comparison and Requirements for Colombian Visas
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Colombia visa requirements by James Lindzey experto en visado en Colombia, ministry foreign relations Bogota, united states consulates, miami, san francisco, ,work visa  , business visa , camara de comercio
Why hire us when you can visit the friendly visa officials at your Local Consulate? Lets just say a visa officials job is not to explain how to comply with visa requirements as many would believe. You may get lucky with family visas, but as part of the Colombian culture you may end up making 3 or 4 trips to your local Colombian consulate trying to get your visa approved if your lucky. This is a pattern we see with many government offices throughout Colombia, but in defense of Colombia this is not unique to just Colombia.

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2) James Lindzey has a trusted name in the Colombian expat community, and guarantees personally all Colombian visa applications prepared by our corporation. If we dont get your visa approved we will give you 100% refund of our visa fees! To get started we just require a 50% payment of 100 dollars for most Colombian visas!
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4) We are a private company so we gaurantee our services and ability to cut through red tape. Government agencies employees are poorly trained and have a tier structure which rarely allows you to talk to a person who actually makes the real decisions, nonetheless talk with the person who actually approves applications. Well, that’s where we come in to play with our expertise in immigration, and commercial legal services. We work day after day applying for visas, setting up corporations, bank accounts, and legalizing international investments. We know when new administrative policies have been put into effect and how to deal with them.

IMPORTANT TRANSPARENCY DISCLAIMER: We do not sell immigration, tax, or any application forms or services which are available for FREE by government agencies. As part of our commercial and immigration services we legally assist our clients complete immigration, tax, or business forms FOR FREE. As a client who has paid for one of our qualifying visa, immigration, or commercial services you qualify for this free service. As we are a PRIVATE company and not afilliated with a government agency, so goverment and other 3rd party services such as translations, notary, messenger and mail fees are charged apart from our legal and document services. Complete quotes and contracts are provided for our services.

The Most Popular Colombian Visas with Important notes:
Colombian Tourist Visa - Qualifying countries citizens will be issued this visa upon entering Colombia in the airport or at the border via ground transportation. Tourist visas are now usually granted for 90 days for those who can receive instant visas at the airport.
Colombian Marriage Visa
(Conyuge Visa) - This visa can be obtained in Colombia or outside of Colombia for the first time. Interviews for the first visa is required by the Ministry of Foreign Relations and consulates as a prevention of marriage fraud.
Colombian Student Visa - This visa is issued to students who have paid for classes at accredited Universities in Colombia.
Colombian Business Visa
- This visa is issued to persons who have or are working for a foreign business outside of Colombia that has a contract with a Colombian corporation. Under some circumstances consulate visa officials issue the Colombian business visa for people looking to expand their current business operations in Colombia without contracts being previously established. *see (
Colombian Work Visa - This visa is not as easy to get as most people think it should be. The visa to work in Colombia is reserved for qualified professionals, which is most easily obtained by professionals with college degrees who are working in related areas in which job they have been offered in Colombia.
Colombian Pension Visa - Pension visas are granted for pension holders from government pensions. If you do not have a government pension you nned to qualify with a rentista visa.
Colombian Entrepreneurs Visa -
The Entrepreneurs Visa is is generally issued to persons that are looking to start business in Colombia, and perhaps do not have the required documents necissary for a Colombian business visa.
Visa for a Colombian Business Owner or Associate
Supplying sufficient proof to the Colombian authoriites that you own, or have invested at least 100 times the minimum or basic Colombian salary qualifies you to obtain this visa. The share of the foreigners interest in a business or corporation must be equal to this amount.
Colombian Resident Investor Visa -
Resident Investor will be given to a foreigner by qualifying with a direct foreign investment in his or her name, Direct foreing investment types vary. Please see Colombia Investors Visa page for more details. The Banco de Republica oversees and registers all foreign investments..
Colombian Father or Mother of a Colombian National Visa -
This is a permanent resident visa for a parent of a Colombian child. Proof of child support must be signed by both parents if the child is a minor and both parents are alive.
Colombian Religious Visa - For recognized members of religous institutions who have a well defined role with in the church and can show financial suppport by mentioned institution for room and board.
Colombian Qualified Residency Visa (Colombian Permanent Residency Visa) -
The permanent residency visa is issued after someone has stayed in Colombia a minimum of time aloted for temporary residency visas between 3-5 years, as specified for the marriage visa, work visa, business owners visa, or retirement visa. Please see visa comparison table below for more information.
Colombian Volunteers Visa -
The Colombian volunteers visa is designed for people working for registered or recognized non profit organizations.


Comparison of Colombian Visa Types


PLEASE READ OUR HOME PAGE AND FACEBOOK PAGE FOR LATEST UPDATES. Every visa has been effected in some way from the 2013 visa law changes in Colombia. Visa requirements are subject to change without notice, and vary depending on country in which the visa application is submitted! REMEMBER: We process visa applications for clients around the world. Let us save you time and take the headaches away! email:,
(57-4) 444-6634 Colombia, (57) 301-337-1881,(57) 313-390-7109 (1) 305-767-2766 Miami

Adoption Visa For persons traveling to Adopt children in Colombia. N/A varies start adoption visa application
Beneficiary Visa For children and spouses who depend on a primary visa holder. Residency and duration of visa depend on Principal Depends on Principal Depends on Principal click here to start the Beneficiary Visa for Colombia
Colombian National Spouse Visa
(contact us regarding marriages in Colombia, we assist in legalizing all documents necissary to marry)
Marraige to a Colombian citizen in Colombia or outside of Colombia qualifies for this visa. Common law marriages also fall under this category but the duration of the visa is usaually reduced from 3 years to 1 year. Yes, after 3 years if its a regular marraige, 5 years if its a common law marraige 1-3 years Click here to start the Colombian National Spouse Visa for Colombia application
Courtesy Visa The courtesy visa is extended at the will of the consulate officials. N/A Variable
Entrepreneurs Visa For certified professionals (Entrepreneurs) which will come to Colombia to conduct entreprenuerial activities. No 1 year
Student Visa (TP-3) For people studying at a certified education facility. No  
Business Visa
(NE-1,NE-2, NE3, & NE4)
For people that work for a foreign company that conducts business in Colombia. (1 to 2 years) This visa has now been broken up into 4 new categories, NE1-NE2, NE3, & NE4 No 1-2 years click here to get started with the application process for the Colombian business visa or to find out more information
Father or Mother of a Colombian National Visa For parents of a Colombian Child. Registering Colombian children born overseas is an additional service which we provide. Yes, immediately 5 Years click here to get started on the permanent residency visa for the mother or father of a Colombian child
Pension Visa (TP-7)
(This is now our most popular visa in Colombia as the word is out that Colombia is a safe and wonderful palce to live)
For retired persons receiving income from their country (1 year). 3 times minimum salary is what you must gain on a monthly income to qualify for this. $566,700 pesos is 2012 min salary. You must gain $1,700,100 pesos per month. Ministry using 2050 rate in January but can change without notice. Yes, After 5 Years 1 year Click here for more information or to start the retirement visa application
Administrative or Judicial Processes Visa For court or government ordered official hearings or trials No varies
Religious Visa (TP-5) The reilgous visa is for people who are on a mission and wish to live in Colombia   1 year
Rentista Visa (TP-7) The rentista visa is for people that may not be retired, but can certify and gaurantee fixed financial income, usually from a financial institution, or trust fund. Confused by many people with the pension visa. To qualify for this visa you must show 15 times minimum monthly salary which in 2014 is $5,667,000 pesos Yes, After 5 Years 1 year
Qualified Resident Visa Now Called the RE Visa See the qualify permanent residency visa? column to understand which visas accumulate years to qualify for this visa. This is Perm Residency 5 Years The permanent residency visa is usually what temporary residency visas qualify for after 3-5 years, do you think you qualify, click here and contact us for more information.
Resident Investor Visa - RE
(click for more investors information)
The Investors visa is for people that buy homes for 200,000 USD or more, or invest 200,000 USD in stocks, or a corporation (can apply inside Colombia 1st time) Yes 5 Years Click here to get more infomration on the many popular ways you can invest in Colombia and get a PERMANENT residency visa. The requirements for this visa vary depending on the type of investment.
Business Owner or Associate
           (Socio Propietario Visa) - TP7
Partner or Owner of a Commercial Establishment or Corporation in Colombia Visa. To meet this requirement you must purchase shares in a corporation or own a business outright that shows your investment to be equal to or greater than 100 minimum salaries. For the year 2012 that is 57 million pesos or more per person. This option has a lower requirement than an investor visa, but it is another form of investing in Colombia. Additional Services offered by our company set up SAS, SA, and Sole Proprietor businesses for foreigners and Colombians. Yes, after 5 years with this visa you qualify to apply for permanent residency 1 Year Setup a Colombian corporation, invest in your new dream or diversify in Colombia, click here to requiest more information on the business owner or business associate visa today!
Temporary Visitor Visa Similar to a tourist visa - Issued to countries that can not obtain tourist stamps at the airport. No Variable
Work Visa (TP-4)
(we work with companies and employees to get this residency application prepared quickly)
For people working directly for a Colombian Company or Corporation. Contract must be at least 1 year to get 1 year visa. Sole proprietorship type companies have many restrictions on hiring. Corporations and Companies all must meet financial requirements as well. Yes , after 5 years with this visa you qualify to apply for permanent residency Up to 1 Year Contact us by clicking here and we can complete your work visa application for Colombia in just a couple days!
Medical Treatment Visa For persons who come to Colombia to under go Medical Treatment at hospitals, clinics or licensed Medical facilities. No 1 year
Crew Member Visa This crew member visa is for crew members or staff of transportation companies such as airlines, ships,or bus companies. No  
Tourism Visa The tourism visa is for people which hold passports from countries which require tourism visas. No Variable up to 6 Months per year
Volunteer Visa (TP-6) The volunteer visa is for people which wish to volunteer for ONG, (non profit) agencies, or organizations No 1 year