Colombia Student Visa

The Colombia Student Visa was design for people studying at a certified education facility in the country, there is no specific duration time for this visa and does not apply for permanent residency visa.

Colombia Student Visa Visa Costs

Consular Visa Fee + Consular Doc Review Fee


72.000 US CITIZENS + 90.000 Colombian Pesos

Professional Immigration Services for Visa

$395,000 Pesos / $220 USD

Apostille(s), Translations(s), Legalization(s)

0 (normally) - $95 (owned by foreign corp) USD

0 (Normnalmente) - 171.000 (perteneciente a corporación extrangera) Colombian Pesos

Messenger, Mail, and Notary Fees

$20 USD up to $100 USD

$36.000 CP up to $180.000 Colombian Pesos

Basic Requirements for the Visa.

1. Passport with available pages, and valid for at least three (3) months.

2. Pphotocopies of the pages of the passport containing information

3. Original of the Visa Application Form completely filled out, and duly signed.

4. Three (3) recent color passport-type photographs. 3x4 centimeters, white background.

5. Original of the Admission Certificate from the Colombian Institution. This certificate may be a copy of the registration certificate or a fully certified copy of the agreement between the educational institutions in the case of an exchange student. It must state that the educational institution commits itself to accept the student covered by the agreement.

6. Proof of legal existence of the Educational Institution in Colombia. This is a certificate known as: (Certificado de
Personeria Juridica).

7. Proof of Financial Solvency. Bank statements of the last three months, certificates of income, income tax, or any other financial documents of the applicant, or affidavit of support from the parents or the person paying for the applicant's studies and related expenses while in Colombia.


8. If a scholarship is financing the studies, a certification from the International Organization, or State, or Private institution stating this fact is required. Likewise a certificate of economic solvency of the student or the parents' in case that the financial assistance provided by the scholarship is partial.

9. In the case of a minor, authorization to stay in Colombia and assignment of a tutor issued by the minor's parents is required.

10.A document in the original certifying that the study program requires labor practice by the student as an academic requirement.

11.A certificate or a document in the original from the corresponding educational institution stating that the weekly class schedule has an intensity of at least ten (10) hours.


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