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On this page we are going to cover the topics of how to Setup Colombian Company as well as what is required to obtain a visa as a Colombia Business Visa. The visa is officially referred to as a Partner or Owner of a Commercial Establishment or Corporation, (AKA Colombia Business Visa or in Spanish Visa de Socio o Propietario de Establecimiento o Comercio).

To meet the requirement setup Colombian company you must purchase shares in a corporation or own a business outright that shows your investment to be equal to or greater than 100 minimum salaries so you can Setup Colombian Company. For the year 2015 that is 65 million pesos or more per person. This option has a lower requirement than an investor visa, but it is another form of investing in Colombia. Additional Services offered by our company can set up Sole Propietor, SAS, or SA business for foreigners and Colombians. The duration of this visa is one year to start off. Visas y Tramites Internacionales is now partnered with the legal and accounting firm Colombia Legal & Accounting SAS (CL&A), who now handles all corporate creations and accounting services. CL&A also offers payroll and human resource services for multinational clients.


However, if you are creating a SAS corporation you have to have a legal representative who is Colombian or a foreigner that has a CURRENT CEDULA EXTRANJERIA mostly because of banking laws.This which should be someone of confidence that you know or trust. The legal representative can be anyone, this persons name will show up on the business license, while the foreigner holds a private notarized document that clearly shows the foreign investor maintains controls of shares in said corporation. Once the visa and foreign id card are obtained the business owner may put his or her name on the business license as the legal representative. With a SAS o SA corporation the legal representative is the one who has access to the corporate bank account, so it is best to be very careful with who you choose if you take this route.

Please note that a Sole Propietor business entity or Persona Natural can be upgraded to a SAS later on down the road if you wish to take that route starting off.


Colombia Business Visa Costs

Consular Visa Fee + Consular Doc Review Fee

$205 USD + 50 USD for a Total 255 USD

Professional Immigration Services for Visa

$750,000 Pesos / $370 USD

Apostille(s), Translations(s), Legalization(s)

Normally these fees do not exist unless your legalizing parent company documents.

Messenger, Mail, and Notary Fees

$20 USD up to $100 USD

$38.000 Pesos up to $180.000 Pesos

Setup Sole Proprietor Entity (Persona Natural )
preferred for small biz owners for tax reasons

$120,000 Pesos or $66 USD - Business License

$395,000 Pesos $220 USD - Complete Services to setup Business and Obtain Tax ID (RUT), including verification razon social, identifying tax codes, and identification of economic activities codes (codigos de actividades economicas) and finally obtaining the business license.

Setup a Colombian Corporation (SAS or SA) - This necissary if you have associates but you will pay much higher taxes than with the Sole Proprietor license.

Depends on the Value of the Corporation
(call for quote for license and attorney fees)

Colombian Accountant or Auditor Fees

$100,000 Pesos to $300,000 Pesos (56 Dollars to 168 dollars) Depending on Corporation Size and Documentation involved, and depending on if taxes need to be filed for renewals and type of corporation you have.

Setup Colombian Financial Investment Account (Business or Personal Account)

We charge $400 USD for this service, which by the way is valid for foreigners on tourist visas, so long as the financial institution knows that you are in process of applying for your residency visa with Visas Y Tramites Internacionales.

* Individual Cases of Business visa applications vary as each case is different, cost varies depending on the country and consulate in which you will be applying for your visa as well. Colombian documents do not need apostilles, translations or legalizations, but documents from the USA do need to pass through the document legalization process. This process varies depending on if you apply in Colombia or outside of Colombia.

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What you need for this Visa

1. Passport with 2 available visa pages, and valid for at least three (6) months.

2. Valid passport containing information (pages with stamps, previous visas and Bio / Photo Page).

3. Proof of ownership of shares in Company of at least 65 Million pesos certified by a Colombian accountant.

4. Chamer of commerce certificate of a SAS company.

5. Colombian bank account for corporation.

6. Proof money to be invested will be aquired from legal sources.

7. In some cases you may need to obtain a NE1 visa to obtain a cedula in order to open a bank account, unless you have a Colombian national or foreigner with a Colombian ID card.


8. Pictures for visa, 3x4 proportions in digital format.


9. Register visa upon entering country if issued outside the country, or inside the country within 15 days of publication date.


We will help you by writing letters and assisting in completing immigration forms necessary for the visa application, in addition to professional consultations regarding your particular situation. Every case is individual and has special circumstances.

Service Description Cost


General Consultation

Verify if you qualify for this or other types of visa (30 minutes) (more info)

$49.000 Pesos / $25 USD

Case Analysis

Initial consultation regarding opening a small business and obtaining a business owners visa (more info)

$99.000 Pesos / 49 USD

Complete Advisory

Professional Advisory on visa process - meet all requirements, assistance with letters, forms, legal consultation.
(more info)

$750.000 Pesos / $370 USD



Complete Advisory Includes

Bank Account Setup

Financial statements

Accounting Reports

Document Review Chamber of Commerce

Review of Legal Documents for Business Constitution


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