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We are Visas y Tramites Internacionales, a Colombian

company with our primary office located in Medellin, Colombia. Visas y Tramites Internacionales offers commercial and immigration legal services through our offices in Medellin, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Bogota. Our company offers a full range of commercial & immigration legal services for immigrants migrating to the United States or Colombia. We have licensed attorneys in Medellin, Colombia, and South Florida. We specialize with serving Latin American countries. Our staff is fully bilingual, and we respond to all phone calls and questions through out all immigration procedures unlike many attornies offices. We are here to reduce your stress and make your families immigration process a smooth journey.

These services are complemented by professionally licensed accounting and messenger services which are designed to help expats moving abroad to Colombia, or helping Colombians move to the United States. Visas y Tramites is owned and managed by James Lindzey, who is an american expat living in Colombia for since 2005. We have lawyers on available in our offices in Colombia, as well as with partner law firms in the United States. James Lindzey lives with his Colombian wife in Medellin, Colombia where he maintains a long term relationship with the expat community.

The K1 Visa, (Fiance Visa / Visa de Prometidos in Spanish) was designed for American citizens to be able to bring their fiance to the the United States so they can get married. It´s a great oportunity for couples to spend time together in the United States and make sure both persons truely want to live together in the United States. This visa will allow you to have up to 90 days with your fiance before getting married. This is a single entry visa which can only be changed by being married. With this visa foreigners can arrive in the United States, get married, and then obtain residency which allows them to work and or study! Processing Times for Applications of K1 Visa for Colombians going to the United States: If someone promisses you that you will get your papers filed in a few months then they are not being honest. With this link ( www.uscis.gov), you can verify The USCIS immigration center processing times for the K1 Visa in Colombia.


Getting your appointment / interview in Bogota is the very last part of the visa process for K1 Visa in Colombia. After August of 2011 the United States government stopped direct consular filings. Now all marriage, and K1 Visa applications from Colombia and the rest of the world must be submitted in the United States first.


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